Digital Image Files


Digital Image Files (since 2007)

After we purchased an airborne digital mapping camera Zeiss Intergraph DMC in 2007 and an airborne digital sensor Leica ADS40 in 2008, traditional aerial photographing using films and multispectral scanner were replaced no more used. The airborne digital mapping camera and digital sensor record the data digitally. Development of negative films and scanning were no more needed. Furthermore, not only images in RGB of the visible spectrum but also those in the near infrared (NIR) range can be obtained simultaneously. Compared with the traditional photographing process, which had to be taken in visible spectrum and infrared light range separately, the application of digital camera can save a lot of efforts, money, and time.

  • Product Type: DMC Original Aerial Photograph
    Specification: 30 cmX16 cm photo paper
    Price: NT$300
  • Product Type: ADS 40 Original Aerial Photograph
    Specification: 30 cmX30 cm photo paper
    Every photo range is the same as the corresponding orthophoto base map 1/5000
    Price: NT$300
  • Product Type: 30X30 Magnified Aerial Photograph
    Specification: 30 cm×30 cm photo paper (magnified of the original)
    Price: NT$300
  • Product Type: 50X50 Magnified Aerial Photograph
    Specification: 50 cm×50 cm photo paper (magnified of the original)
    Price: NT$500
  • Product Type: DMC Digital Image File
    Specification: Resolution: 13824X7680 pixel, TIF file
    Price: NT$600
  • Product Type: ADS 40 Digital Image File
    Specification: L0 Original Photograph: the price is based on the number of 1/5000 maps that  
                         the L0 includes, TIF file.
                         L1 Original Photograph: cut into 1/5000 orthophoto base maps, TIF file.
    Every ADS 40 original photograph has 2 angles in multi-spectrum, 3 angles in panchromatic.
    Price: NT$1200
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